You're smart. How big is his dick?
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Is that your O-face or your pain face?
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You're going to fuck right here?
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It's like a shark coming for you
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Your ass is so nice and big
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I can't take my eyes off your tits
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You really like black dick
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Your pussy is gaping
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This might hurt a little
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What a nice small pussy...for now
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I could watch you undress all day
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100% real ass about to get rammed
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You cook, clean, and suck dick?
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Two awesome girls came by to fuck
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Your boobs real like this guy's dick?
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Great angle for your butt
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No second thoughts now
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You weren't lying
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Need to move this out of the way...
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I thought you swallowed?
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His dick is as big as your arm
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Your pussy is about to get destroyed
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Asians give the best blowjobs
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Turn away, or it'll go in your eye
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I hope it doesn't knock you out
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He might knock you out when he swings
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Your body is still intact, don't worry
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